Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What Is System Tool?

How To Remove System Tool From Your Computer
If you are reading this, it probably means that your computer has fallen victim to one of the most malignant phishing scams the Internet has to offer: System Tool. Read on to find out just what this thing actually is, what it does to your computer and how to remove it from your system forever.

What is System Tool?
It is a proud member of a very specific family of malicious software known as "rogue security software", or rogueware, for short. Rogueware is a piece of software that masquerades as an antivirus or other anti-malware program while harming the user's PC in an attempt to scam or scare the user out of his or her money. Thus, rogueware is also a subset of a broader category of malware, known as "scareware"

How does it do its dirty work?
Usually it and its ilk get onto a computer through fake banners and online ads saying something like "Your computer may be infected!! Scan now." Those who fall for it end up with system Tool installing itself onto their PC. Some renditions of it even install themselves entirely on their own, without the users consent or knowledge. System Tool then proceeds to "scan" the PC, produces dozens of false "virus detections", and loudly proclaims something like "Your computer is heavily infected! Buy the full version now to fix the problem." There is no "full version", of course. The only thing you receive from the "purchase" is a collection of spyware. But it doesn't stop there. It'll keep pestering you with constant "detections", block your applications while claiming they're "infected", prevent you from accessing sites providing real anti-malware programs, actively resist deletion and generally make a huge nuisance of itself, all while trying to scare you into "buying" the "full version".

How to remove System Tool?
The simplest way to rid yourself of it consists of the following steps:

Reboot your computer and immediately start pressing F8 until a screen appears listing boot-up options.Select "Safe Mode with Networking".Once the system boots up, activate your antivirus, perform a full scan and delete any infected files.If you don't have an antivirus, download, install and update any reputable anti-malware program. Repeat step 3.Reboot your computer with default boot-up options.

If the above method fails, consider seeking professional help on how to remove System Tool manually.

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