Sunday, April 15, 2012

How To Avoid the Dangers of Antivirus Windows Phishing

What do you do when a dialogue box or window suddenly appears (not long after you down-loaded some new software or clicked into a new site you were surfing), and warns you of dangerous viruses lurking on your computer?


I've said it before and I'll go on saying it until I'm blue in the face; there are some nasty, highly tech savvy people out there, looking to pillage your computer if you give them half a chance. They can trick you into passing over your hard earned money in the blink of a dialogue box.

The scams they use are numerous, but the type of scam that we are going to discuss this time, known as 'Computer Phishing,' is dependent on one vital process. That is: they have to ask your permission.

This is a typical scenario:

You've been surfing the internet or downloading software and out of the blue up pops a window or dialogue box. It reads something like: "Danger, Danger - a virus (of no particular name) has been found in your registry. This virus will harm your computer if left unchecked. Down-load this Free Superior Registry Cleaner and we guarantee to rid you of this perilous nasty."

Now you fall for the first part of the trick and down-load the software. You authorize the program to run, and within no time at all a new window appears telling you: "You are infested with viruses. But do not worry, because we have the perfect solution and it will only cost you a tiny, piddley amount."

So now you fall for the second part; you buy their software solution, using your credit or debit card. Oh dear, they've now got your money, your card and bank details. And to add insult to injury, you now posses their Malware of some description - that you never had before. Malware, you may not realize is infesting your Registry, Emails and Hard Drive.

My recommendation is simple: whenever you receive this type of phishing; (what I call 'Antivirus Windows Phishing'), a message trying to get you to buy Anti-virus or Anti-spyware software, do not be tempted to click on any part of the message - even to try to close it. Instead, restart your computer and run a virus checker (Preferably one you've down-loaded from a recommended source). There are some very good free virus eradicating software, and some even better paid for.

The following, are one or both: AVG, Malwarebytes, ZoneAlarm, to name just a few. It's not easy to resist clicking the magic boxes, but if you do find yourself caught-up in the scenario I've just described, It may be wise to cancel your credit card as well.

Love your computer and keep your kids surfing safe.

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