Thursday, April 19, 2012

PC Protection - Top Priority

What's the first priority that you should do to your computer, you may ask? For me, it's securing and installing a reliable antivirus software right after I reformat my computer. Once I've done it, I can rest assured that I'm more safe from threats from anywhere on the web.

An infected email, an infected website or an infected removable media - all these can be a possible cause of malware infection for your personal computer. This can harm your system, can mess with your system files and worse, leak out your personal information. Only a reliable and up-to-date antivirus program can stop this and any further infection a malicious code can do to your computer.

Antivirus can detect several types of virus that are prevalent these days: rootkits, worms, Trojan viruses, and other harmful things that lurk in the web. Its main function is to detect these possible threats from files and directories in your computer. Once it detects one, it should suggest a possible action that the user can do to resolve the infection problem.

Although some users may have installed an antivirus program correctly, they may still be infected if they don't update their antivirus regularly. Antivirus companies release regular updates for the antiviruses they sell out in order to better protect the users from all possible threats that may occur after a few days. Like biological viruses, computer viruses also develop new strains that may be able to ignore out-dated antivirus definitions. Thus, the need for maintainers to update antivirus definitions and users to update regularly is a very important part of PC protection.

There are surely a lot of antivirus programs, but choose the one that you really need depending on the amount of time you spend on the computer and internet. There are those that are specialized for just basic usage and some are optimized for internet usage. Also, it is important to note how effectively an antivirus performs depending on reviews. Different antiviruses use different algorithms for detection of virus signature on files such as signature-based and heuristics-based detection. Heuristics-based methods are the ones that are used for unknown virus signatures.

Aside from protection from viruses, some antivirus software also has enhancement features that might come useful for some users. Some of the antivirus software optimizes the performance of the computer, some help in the protection of personal data, some help in maintaining the integrity of data in stored in your computer, and many more. These tools or enhancements surely give a rise in the performance of your computer.

It surely pays a great deal of ease to have your PC protected by well-maintained and regularly-updated antivirus software. It gives less hassle bringing your PC to repair shops to have them reformatted and surely, it saves you from laundering a significant amount of money which you could have use for other things. As the saying goes "prevention is better than cure," surely it is good to prevent infections rather than to cure an infected computer.

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