Friday, April 6, 2012

What Can I Do to Speed Up My Computer? Virus and Spyware Check

One of the most devastating experiences to encounter with your personal computer is watching your system completely destroyed by a violent electronic infection called a virus or a malware. These viruses have some observable symptoms such as your computer running slow. Your PC performance can even fall below the average performance standards in the face of a virus infection. Another observable sign of malware infection in your computer are such as having programs start automatically all by themselves without having to click on the open command. Error messages on your screen can be enough evidence that a virus has crept in your computer as well as having your hard disk constantly struggling to work. This is also explained by having your modem constantly blinking as it is being forced to spread the unwelcome program all over in your hard disks. These signs should prompt you have a defensive software installed in your computer.

There are different types of computer malware that creep into your computer with varying purposes. These types of malware comprise of harmless viruses that will just want to crawl into your system just gathering information and actually not infecting your computer in any way. Then there are the extremely dangerous malware that will even alter how your computer operates completely. Some can even damage the computer for good. These types of malware are Trojan horses, backdoors among others. Some malware such as spyware, boot nets and dialers are usually profit malware.

Maintaining the standard performance of your computer means that you simply have to keep your system clean by removing all kinds of malware from your system. The first way that you can achieve this is by installing antivirus software in your system and running it at least once a week. Setting the antimalware correctly will destroy existing viruses as well as preventing other viruses from creeping in your PC. Also, quarantine can be of great help as it can be used as storage for the infected files. Also, updating your software now and then can be really helpful as it helps your computer stay clean and helps prevent appearance of malware and other associated computer threats. Running a free antivirus at least once a month provides an alternative virus check up. This is however achievable if you periodically work online as it provides a quick and a free scan on your computer. By so doing, you will be able to get loose of any computer virus in your system as well as preventing others from creeping into your computer.

Its always advisable to make sure that all the virus found in your PC are promptly removed and moving the infected files in quarantine is always preferred in the worst case scenario.

Presence of virus and malware in a computer can be overwhelming. It can not only slow down the computer but also can make it crash without any notice. To speed up my computer and protect it from unwelcoming viruses and malwares, a powerful antivirus application can help a lot. Other than that, a good registry cleaner can also speed up my computer as it can detect spywares living inside the registry and eliminate it.

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