Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't Cry The Anti-Virus Blues!

Do you run your computer system without anti-virus software? What about surfing the web? Do you brave the rapids of chance just to see if you've received your email? If you do, shame on you. Because without virus and malware protection, you might as well point a gun at your computer and play Russian roulette, squeezing the trigger with every click of the mouse.

A few weeks ago, I was surfing the web on my desktop computer, when suddenly a security alert window appeared saying "System danger! Your system security is in danger. XP Home Security 2011 has detected Spyware, Key loggers, or Trojans that may be working the background right now. Perform an in-depth scan and removal now, click here." I immediately logged off and ran a quick scan of my system with Norton Internet Security (which is what I was currently running...) - didn't find a thing. After rebooting my pc, the alert popped up again and again... each and every time as I tried to go to Windows Explorer. I knew that this was a virus but I'd never seen this type before.

Tried to get back onto the internet, to do a search, but this '###@@@@!' window kept popping up, really starting to be a pain now! Finally, I just got my laptop and logged onto the Web, and found what type of virus I'd contracted, it was known as 'Antivirus 2011', a particularly nasty one, too. It is a rogue security application that is intent on stealing as much of your information, personal and possibly financial information which all leads to identity theft! By following the steps provided by Norton's website, I successfully removed the virus from my system which brings me to the key to my story: I was running Anti-virus software.

So here's a Computer Maintenance Tip: It's crucial that you have some sort of virus protection on your system such as Norton, Trend Micro, AVG or even Microsoft Security Essentials (anything is better than nothing). Another thing to keep in mind is that once you install your anti-virus application; make sure you keep it updated with its latest virus definitions (Which mean you have to keep your subscription current).

So, I'll just close with this: Anti-virus software is an essential part of the computer system, and it may not be fool-proof 100% of the time, but it does offer a hindrance for any outside influence from taking control of the system. Along with the use of the firewall from your security software, these two applications are the front-line of defense in the tempestuous world of the Internet.

See ya next time!!

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