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How to Install McAfee Internet Security 2012

McAfee Internet Security 2012, as the name suggest is an internet security-based antivirus program. It is an answer to all your digital security worries when shopping online, checking monthly bank statement, or paying a credit card bill among other things. To help make your digital life safe, you must install McAfee Internet Security 2012 on your computer. Below mentioned is your free McAfee antivirus support guide. It will help you easily install McAfee protection on your computer


Open your web browser and visit the McAfee website. Navigate to the Products section under For Home Users. Look for McAfee Internet Security 2012 and click the Buy Now button. Now do the needful to complete the purchase. Create an account, fill in the required details, and advance to the Download link. Do not forget to make a note of your username and password for the McAfee account. Click the Download Now button and save the file when prompted. If prompted, choose a location to save the downloaded file. If not prompted, the file will automatically go to the Downloads folder.

If you have a third-party antivirus program or a McAfee trial version installed on your computer, uninstall it from your computer before installing McAfee Internet Security 2012. If you don't remove it, McAfee Internet Security 2012 will detect and prompt you to remove it during the installation procedure. Thus, it's your choice whether to remove it before or during the installation procedure. Another antivirus program (third-party) or a McAfee trial version may conflict with the McAfee 2012 suite and cause it not to work properly.

Go to the Downloads folder, look for the McAfee file, and open it. Click Run to execute the installation procedure. Click the Next button on the installation wizard screen. When prompted, choose the features that you want to install on your computer. By default, you will see all the features selected for install. In case you don't plan on using all the listed features, you can uncheck the boxes next to them. When done, click the Next button. If prompted for McAfee Online Backup, a new cloud storage service feature in the suite, configure it. You can skip this feature in case you don't want to use it.

As discussed above, if McAfee Internet Security 2012 detects another security program, it will prompt you to remove it. Confirm the action by clicking I want to remove a program. Choose the program and let the McAfee program search for the files and folders of that security program and uninstall them. When done, continue following rest of the on-screen instructions. In case the McAfee program detects a potentially unwanted application, it will prompt you to remove it. Click the Remove button. In case you think that the application is not dangerous, click the Allow button.

Continue the installation. When finished, McAfee Internet Security 2012 will search for the latest updates and install them automatically. When done, you will see the new McAfee Internet Security interface showing the status of your computer like Your computer is secured (no action required). Besides, you will see Real-Time Scanning: On, Updates: Current, Firewall: On, and Subscription: Active with 5 different features under the heading Features on the interface. In case you want to customize your settings, pull down each drawer under Features. Configure the settings and save the changes. Now close all the windows and reboot your computer.

Additional Tidbits:

With McAfee Internet Security 2012, you can instruct a virus scan to run in the background. This way, you can continue working on your computer without being bothered about the interfering virus scan screen.

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