Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to Check for McAfee Updates

Like any other security vendor program, McAfee does regularly roll out the latest virus and malware definitions, software patches, performance tweaks for its McAfee security products. As a McAfee antivirus user, you must download and install these updates to keep it up to date for enhanced security and performance. Check this McAfee antivirus support guide to know the procedure of checking for the latest updates.


For most McAfee antivirus/security versions:

Look for the M icon in your system tray. Right click the M icon, click Updates and then point to Check Now. Depending on your McAfee software version, you may see Check for updates when you right click the M icon instead of Updates> Check Now. Click Check for updates to begin searching for updates. Alternatively, you can also double-click the M icon to open the McAfee Security Center console. When in the McAfee SecurityCenter console, you will see the security and update status of your computer.

Click on Updates: Current and you will see two options viz. Check for updates and Settings appearing on the right hand side. Click the Check for updates link and the program will start looking for updates. If you want to work on other things on your computer, click the Run in background button and the McAfee SecurityCenter console will disappear. You can later on click the M icon to open the console. If done, you will see the Your programs are up to date message. Click the Done button to exit the Updates section. If prompted, restart your computer.

For McAfee VirusScan Enterprise versions:

Right click the M icon and click Update Now. The McAfee program will start looking for latest software updates, virus definitions, and performance patches. When done, you will see that all the updates have been successfully installed. Close the McAfee VirusScan Console window. You can also refer to your McAfee antivirus support documentation for help on update options in the VirusScan console.

Additional Info:

You can also manually update your McAfee program. The McAfee update file is called the DAT file. Open your web browser. The home page should load up immediately. Type 'download DAT file for McAfee' (if you know your McAfee version, type that name, otherwise leave it as is) in Google or Bing search engine and hit the Enter key. You will see DAT file download results now. Click any of McAfee links and download the file. Save the file and exit the browser window.

When done, look for the file and open it. When prompted, click the Run button. Follow rest of the on-screen instructions and complete the procedure. When prompted, restart your computer. Your McAfee program will be updated by the latest updates and patches.

You can also set up your McAfee program to download automatic updates. It means McAfee will automatically remember to download and install latest updates without your intervention. Right click the M icon, click Updates, and point to Configure Now. Click to choose Install the updates automatically and notify me then when the product is updated (recommended). When done, click the OK button to save and close the changes.

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