Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3 Ways to Get a Computer Virus - Guaranteed!

More and more computers these days all have anti-virus programs on them, making it harder than ever to get a virus. But I know you are determined to get around this, so I thought I would share a little story with you to inspire you.

Recently a friend of mine called complaining about his slow computer. I looked at it, and it took 5 minutes to load Internet Exploder. 5 minutes! This is not an exaggeration. Upon further investigation, I discovered:

He had an antivirus program installed - in fact two of them!
When you tried to search the Internet for removing viruses, the browser would go to weird websites that had nothing to do with what you clicked
This kind of virus, a "rootkit" virus, is one of the hardest to remove!
We couldn't even research the issue on his computer, because the virus was so clever it blocked the information!

In short, my friend was hosed! After spending time researching his issue on another computer, I was able to resolve it, but it took a few hours and some heartache. It involved creating a special boot disk, buying a program to remove rootkits, figuring out how to use it all, and then implementing it. Since he was so good at getting this virus (he hardly even tried!), I thought I would share this most effective method with you. So without further ado... Here are the three methods guaranteed to give you a virus!

Open or preview your emails without regard to sender. In most email programs you get a preview of the emails before you open them - don't use this feature! Disable it! Merely previewing a message can trigger a virus, even if you have an antivirus installed!
Click on the Internet ads with hot chicks or hot guys! This is a no-brainer guarantee that at some point one of those sexy come-on ads will take you to a website that will give you a virus! Along with this one, avoid any porno sites altogether. Forget what your mother might think! Protect yourself.
Open attachments in your emails from people you don't know. Again, it seems so innocent, but attachments to emails can and often do contain viruses!

So my friends, I trust you now know exactly how to make sure you can get a computer virus installed on your computer, guaranteed! Use these three easy techniques and your system will be clogged up, taken out, hosed and perhaps even physically damaged by your favorite viruses out in the wild. Please tell your friends about this article and spread the word; everyone should benefit from such valuable information as how to get a virus. Enjoy!

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