Friday, April 6, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Pop-Ups In A Few Easy Steps

Do you want to get rid of pop-up advertisements? Follow these instructions and you should be able to get rid of this problem in no time! There are two sources of these advertisements that you'll see on your computer: pop-ups hosted by websites with advertising and pop-ups that appear because of existing spyware on your computer. Let's break down each scenario and see how you can deal with each one.

Removing Pop-Ups On Websites

You will know if you have visited a website with pop-ups if you browse the internet regularly and these ads appear when visiting only certain websites. Most recently released internet browsers come installed with in-built blockers for pop-up ads. However, as you might know they only get some of the job done. One of the main problems is that scripts in the page's code are cleverly manipulated so your browser thinks that you've opened a genuine link in a new window when in fact it's an annoying advertising window which you didn't ask to see.

These types of windows can be countered by installing a browser ad-on that works on all types of internet advertising. Here, developers actually spend hours a day searching for the latest tricks the advertisers use to try and get pop-ups displaying in your browser! If any of that annoying code is detected then the ad will simply not show.

An ad removal add-on I highly recommend for Firefox is AdBlockPlus, which is completely free software.

Removing Pop-Ups On Your System

Now how about if you experience pop-up ads and windows when you're not browsing the internet or on websites you know don't have spyware? This is usually a result of a spyware or malware infection on your computer, malicious programs that not only get on your system without your consent, but can do incredibly dangerous and destructive things to you and your computer such as stealing financial information and personal data, as well as logging keystrokes. However, these are more of the extreme cases of spyware. Many programs simply slow down your system, try and load websites you don't want to visit and quite dangerously, create a backdoor for the download of other programs.

If you want to remove these ads, you have to remove the spyware. To do this you must use a high quality spyware removal program such as MalwareBytes Anti-Malware or UnHack Me. This should be combined with a reliable anti-virus software. I recommend Avast Free Anti-Virus as it is quite non-intrusive to the operation of your system. Scan with these programs at boot, start up, safe mode and finally normal mode to try and get rid of these tricky pop ups and programs.

Hopefully after following these steps the advertisements should be gone from your computer. You should consider consulting an anti-spyware forum for individual help if the windows still come up, programs can't be removed or there is damage done to your system files.

Removing these pop-ups and malicious programs is great, but it is simply not effective if you want to remain spyware-free. That involves taking steps which keep spyware out of your computer and block malicious scripts from ever loading.

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Understand how spyware so easily gets onto your computer. And understand the simple but extremely effective tools and principles you must utilise if you want to Bulletproof Your Computer!

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