Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Is the Difference Between a Computer Virus and Spyware?

The only thing that a computer virus has in common with spyware is that they are both malicious software found online. In fact, a closer look shows you that the two are very distinct from one another, and understand the difference of each spells the difference between protecting your network and system and leaving it vulnerable to attacks.

Familiarizing yourself with the characteristics of spyware and computer viruses means you can easily eliminate them and the hassles that they present. Today, there are several antivirus software that can be installed to combat and protect your network from attacks and spyware, but it is essential that you choose the right one to make sure that you can efficiently protect your computer from any malicious attacks found online.

Computer viruses designed to ruin PC

So what do you really know about computer viruses? Apart of course from understanding it through the very term itself, a virus is essentially a software created solely to wreak havoc on your computer. When a computer is then infected with a computer virus, it results in your entire system slowing down, with the very likely possibility of you losing important data, corrupting important files and even shutting down your entire computer. Viruses are able to enter your computer through executable and program files, which is then released into your network or machine when you run the program. They are designed to spread rapidly by multiplying themselves over and over, making it easy for the virus to spread not just through your system but across all shared networks. Given this, it is very important to have an effective antivirus installed in your computer that monitors and check all entry and exit points to ensure that your machine is virus free.

Spyware for messing up with system

Spyware on the other hand is not necessarily designed to mess with your machine and internal files. Instead, a spyware's intent is to gather information about you and your browsing habits thus making it possible for hackers to access important information that they can use. Key loggers monitor your online habits carefully and collect information that they can now use for whatever intent they see fit. It can cull passwords, bank details and other data which they can use to assume your identity to conduct fraudulent transactions in your behalf or alter your desktop and add complex and unwanted toolbars on your browser. The access that one can get through spyware is potentially infinite, especially if your computer is not equipped with a proper virus protection tool.

Computer Virus or Spyware- Which one is most harmful?

Between both, the one that can cause most damage to your computer and be more harmful for your network is difficult to assess. One thing is for sure however, both are dangerous for your computer and to ensure that you keep enjoying the ideal level of security while online, you have to safeguard yourself against both by installing top antivirus software that can monitor and prevent potentially malicious attacks.

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