Monday, April 16, 2012

How To Remove A Keylogger

A keylogger used to be something that would only be used by modern day spies or private detectives. However, we now live in the digital age and these gadgets are available for anyone to purchase. Some employers like to monitor the computer usage of their staff. Likewise, parents have a vested interest in keeping a discreet eye on their offspring. Both of the aforementioned being considered legitimate reasons for using a keylogger. That said, it is a different story altogether when someone installs a keylogger on a computer they do not own. In this scenario, you should educate yourself on how to remove a keylogger.

There are several tell-tale signs of a keylogger infection. Your computer may start acting in a strange way by being unresponsive or there could be new programs installed that you have no knowledge of. Monitoring the number of active processes on your computer can help you locate the culprit although this does require some expertise. Another sign of a keylogger is when someone you know is aware what your usernames and passwords are for various online accounts or websites.

Keyloggers are notoriously difficult to shift but there are steps you can take to remove them. Firstly, you should check your anti virus program is working and is up to date. Then you should do a full scan of your computer. Unfortunately, technology does not stand still and keyloggers have found ways to escape under the radar of many anti virus software products. This means that your anti virus program may not detect the keylogger.

Because of the number of keylogger software products, it was only a matter of time before companies recognized a market exists for the detection and removal of these programs. Keylogger detection software or anti keylogger software is probably your best bet if you want to stop a keylogger operating on your computer. These products are designed purely to combat the keylogger and will happily co-exist alongside your anti virus program. The cost of a good anti keylogger software is quite modest and is a small price to pay to reclaim your privacy and keep those personal details safe from prying eyes.

If all else fails then you have the option of doing a fresh, full installation of your operating system. However, this will only succeed in removing the keylogger if you have the operating system on a disc as opposed to a digital download. This is recommended as a last resort if the steps outlined above do not bear fruition. I hope that after reading this article you are now better informed about how to remove a keylogger from your computer.

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