Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Do Free Online Computer Scan and Virus Removal

If you suspect a virus infection in your computer and want to remove it immediately, here is your free virus removal guide. It will help you do a free online virus scan for the virus and its related infected files and remove them from your computer.


To run a free online virus scan, you need to download a free utility from a trusted website. You can either choose Trend Micro or BitDefender. Both are trusted websites that offer free online virus scan tools. Below we have mentioned the procedure for downloading and running the tool from Trend Micro's website. The procedure for other tools will remain more or less the same.

Open your web browser and go to Trend Micro's official website (, prefix 'www.' in the front). Type this address in the address bar and hit Enter. When on the website, click on the For Home tab. there will be two partitions on the main screen. In the second partition under Free Tools, click on the House Call link. Click on the first link Download HouseCall 7.1.

Here is the deal. If your Windows OS is a 32-bit version, then click on the 32-bit version link. If you have a 64-bit version Windows OS, then choose the 64-bit version of the tool. If you don't know the version of your Windows and don't even know how to check it, do this little exercise. If it is Windows XP, click on the Start menu, right click on My Computer, and then select Properties from the drop-down options.

The General tab will be highlighted by default displaying different details related to your computer. Look under the heading System, if you see 'x64 Edition' specifically mentioned under it, your Windows is a 64-bit version. If nothing is mentioned under System, it is a 32bit version. If you have Windows 7 or Vista, click on the Start button, right click on Computer and then choose Properties. You will see the type of version you are running beside System Type.

Now that you are acquainted with the version, download the desired file version of HouseCall. When done, press the Save File button and choose the location of the file. Sometimes, the file is automatically downloaded to the Downloads folder. Browse to the location, look for HousecallLauncher.exe file, and open it. When prompted, hit the Run button to initialize the tool's installation. Wait while the tool downloads all the component updates. Click to select I agree to the terms and conditions and then hit Next. When done, click on the Scan Now button.

Wait until the scan finishes. Be patient as it can take some time. When finished, the tool will display a list of problematic files and their locations. Hit the Fix Problems button to clean up all the virus-infected files. When done, close the window. Since you have now scanned your computer thoroughly for the viruses and have even removed them, you must take a step further to make sure that their traces have not been left in your computer. These traces can lead to the recurrence of the virus and consequent problems.

Download and run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Free. Go to (prefix 'www.' in the front) and download Anti-Malware Free's latest version. Save the file and run its installation afterwards. When done, open the tool and update it first. Thereafter, perform a full virus scan. Prompt the tool to remove the virus and related infections, which were found during the scan. Exit the tool's window and you are done. Update Anti-Malware regularly to improve its defense against the existing and ever-growing virus threats.

Additional Tips:

If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, it may prevent you from downloading any such file. Click on the Allow button to let the file download to your computer.

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