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How to Remove Win32 Heur Virus From Your Computer

This article describes the procedure for removing Win32 heur virus. The methods compiled here are reliable and correct to date for Win32 virus removal. It is, however, recommended that these should be implemented carefully to avoid running into problems. You may also at the same time use a online virus removal support service to get an expert to remove the Win32 heur virus for you.

Win32 heur virus is a malicious Trojan virus program that targets Windows operating systems. When installed, the virus hijacks a computer and modifies its configurations by flooding it with harmful file sharing programs, multimedia files, phishing emails, and spyware among other malicious programs. It also disables antivirus or anti-spyware among other security programs and redirects the internet browser to only adult websites. Since it can be difficult to perform Win32 heur virus removal, we have designed a comprehensive guide that will help you remove it. See below for details:


Launch Task Manager by right clicking anywhere on the taskbar and making the selection. Alternatively, you can press Alt, Ctrl, and Delete keys together on the keyboard to launch the utility. Click to highlight the Processes tab, locate win32/heur.exe process, select it, and press the End Process button. It will prevent the malicious process from running in the background. Exit Task Manager.

If you are not able to kill the malicious process using Task Manager, download RKill from its official website. Save the downloaded file and extract its contents. Thereafter open the setup file and install the tool. Wait for the installation to complete. When done, open the Rkill tool, select the desired process, and end it. Exit all the windows.

Click on the Start button and browse to Control Panel and then Add or Remove Programs. Wait for the window to populate with programs. When done, search for win32 heur or win32/heur program. If it is there, select it and then hit the Change/Remove button. Confirm the virus removal. Do not reboot your computer.

Disable System Restore. Click on the Start button, right click on the My Computer and choose Properties from the drop-down options. Click to highlight System Restore and then select Turn off System Restore. Press the Apply button or else the OK button to apply the changes. Confirm the changes and reboot your computer. Create a new system restore point in the later steps when modifying the registry.

Click on Start and navigate to My Computer> C: drive> Program Files> Temp. Search the folder carefully for the files by the names file.exe, services.exe, winlogon.exe, iapro.exe, iv.exe, setup[1].exe, install[1].exe, IAvir.exe, IAInstall[1].exe, IApro1.exe, sample.bin-1, InternetAntivirusPro.exe, AntivirusPro.exe, AntivirusProInstaller_101[1].exe, and antiviruspro[1].exe. Delete any or all the files by these names from the Temp folder. You must also scan other folders in Program Files or other locations in your computer for these files.

Now go to your standard user profile in C: drive> Documents and Settings> your user profile> Application Data. Scan the Application Data folder for the above mentioned files and delete them. Move to the Temp sub-folder in the Local Settings folder under your user profile and repeat the procedure. You must also look for these files in other locations including drives in your computer. It will take some time but it will be worth to perform a complete virus removal. Exit all the windows.

It's time for registry modification which is a little bit risky procedure. Click on the Start button and browse to Run. Type 'regedit' (without quotes and as it is) in the empty field and hit Enter. It will bring up Windows Registry Editor. Windows 7 and Vista users may be prompted to enter the admin password to proceed to Registry Editor. Enter the password to continue to the application.

Once in Registry Editor, take a backup of your registry before proceeding with the deletion of infected registry entries. You can either create a system restore point or use the inbuilt Import and Export utility to do so. When done backing up the registry, browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Win32/heur. Delete the Win32/heur entry under Software. You must also scan the entire registry for Win32/heur entries and delete them.

When finished, exit Registry Editor. Connect to the internet and download the latest version of either Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware or Spybot Search and Destroy. Save the file and run installation. When done, open the program, update it, and then run a full system (not custom) scan. Wait for the scan to complete. When done, prompt the program to remove the infections found during scanning. Exit the window.

Launch your antivirus or anti-spyware software and update it. When done, run a full system scan and repeat the above mentioned step. Exit all the windows and reboot your computer. The Windows will load normally. Congratulations you have successfully performed Win32 heur virus removal on your personal computer.

Additional Tips:

If you are unable to launch Task Manager or go online to download any program or access any application on your computer, reboot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.

You can use the Windows Search utility to search for the virus files (see above) in all the folders and locations in your computer. For example, you want to search the Temp folder for such file names, simply press the Ctrl and F keys together on the keyboard to bring up the Search utility and type its name (for example, winlogon.exe) in the box and hit Enter. The tool will automatically search for winlogon.exe in that particular location and display it, saving you enormous time and making the deletion easy.

You will need to have admin rights to make some of the above mentioned changes to your computer. For example, you will be required to log on as an admin to remove infected files from the Temp folder under Program Files. Take help of an expert virus removal support service if the above mentioned procedure seems to be beyond your skills.

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