Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The XP AntiSpyware 2011 and How to Get Rid of It

Have you started noticing a new and unusual program on your computer named XP AntiSpyware 2011? Well, if you have then this means you are infected with spyware. Hackers are making programs that look like they are made to prevent spyware, but it actually IS the spyware. It will dig itself in deeper and deeper and corrupt files. The result is a computer that has pop-ups and runs very slow. The reason they do this is to try to get you to buy the full version of their software. If you do this then you are just opening the door for them to steal all of your information, including your identity and bank details. We must remove this program to prevent such things from happening. That is why it's important to have the best antivirus you can find.

Have you asked yourself how you got this malware in the first place? Well, normally this infection comes from codecs for flash videos, a link on your Facebook or other social network, visiting and downloading adult material and using peer to peer sharing networks. If you have the best antivirus for your needs installed it will most likely prevent this from ever happening. If you do get infected, your computer will slow down and you will start getting warning messages. Programs that normally run fine will stop working and you will notice that some unusual applications will start up each time your computer powers on. If you don't have the best antivirus available for your system, than this can be a very dangerous situation. You'll need to delete the spyware from your system before anything bad happens.

The first things you want to do when dealing with this is determine if you want to remove it manually or automatically. Manual removal can be very dangerous because if you make even one mistake it can really harm your computer and require you to have a professional work on it. However, if you're already an advanced user or an expert then you can remove the registry keys in your HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder. Look for the corrupted keys and block anything related to the malware. Delete all files and folders that have anything to do with the spyware program and block any websites that might be related to that spyware. This process can take quite a lot of time and effort.

The best suggestion for most users is to use an antivirus software that you can get a hold of and do an automatic removal of this spyware. The automatic removal will simply require a few clicks and your computer will be running smooth again and it will be free from viruses and spyware. If you're tired of the constant threat of viruses, spyware, malware and other crippling worms then please consider getting the best antivirus software available to keep your computer safe and protected.

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