Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cyber Lies and Russian Spies - Cyberspace Is Alive, Time to Revisit a Virtual Cold War?

By some estimates there are 1800 to 3000 Russian Spies in the US today, but if you asked the average citizen about this, they wouldn't have a clue. Now don't get me wrong there are plenty of spies from other nations too, scurrying about, making important friends in high places and combing our universities and corporations for scientific information and trade secrets. The combined intellectual property theft is completely staggering in every regard.

Worse is the reality that there are even more spies siphoning secrets who are not even in the US, rather they use cyber intrusion and hacking techniques coming in from multiple foreign servers online hiding their tracks. Yes, things have changed, and the stakes are much higher than you might imagine. Okay so, let's discuss this shall we?

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article published on April 21, 2012 titled; "Russian Spies Haven't Gone Away," by Michelle Van Cleave (former head of US Counterintelligence under President Bush II) which stated; "Even when presented with extensive evidence, the Obama White House looks the other way."

The article noted another fact; today there are just as many Russian spies in the US as there were during the cold war, and the ten spies caught and traded back to Russia were not tried as spies in 2010, they were merely called "illegal aliens" and deported in trade in a "spy-swap" deal. Trust me you don't have to read any spy novels, or Bill Gertz's books to realize what's going on, as there are stories in the mainstream media nearly every day.

If you think the cyber threat is merely the computer industry industrial complex trying to sell more computers, software, and consulting to the government, yes, there is some of that too, but make no mistake we are being ripped off blind, so if you are somehow under the impression that the Cold War is over and the Russians are no longer engaged in espionage or spying, then you are clearly misinformed.

In fact, now with Putin back in power, he's made no bones about the importance of his intelligence teams, and there is a new sense of vigor and nationalism in a decent segment of their nation which is ready to sign up for surveillance service, so now Russia will be picking from the cream of the crop, and they have lots to choose from. These new agents won't be flunkies like the last group detected. Please consider all this and think on it.

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