Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Security Sphere 2012 And Its Dangers

These days, a threat to computers everywhere is the Security Sphere 2012, which has been discovered at an increasing rate on the World Wide Web. It disguises itself as a dependable antivirus software which can address your security problems but in reality, it has no worth at all. Security Sphere 2012 makes use of Trojans as a way to surreptitiously permeate any computer network totally and randomly.

The program copies all security tool functions. For example, it runs a scan in the computer system. However, it uses a false scanner that acts like it's searching for threats. When scanning is over, it delivers a fake scan report. The application declares that your computer is infected with a myriad of infections. Furthermore, it shows several pop ups and security alerts which gives you an impression that your computer is severely infected.

The application gives you a limited ability to utilize other computer applications. Most of the time, it brings out messages declaring that your computer had to abort the program you intend to start due to issues of security. Likewise, other messages would give you a warning about finding a spyware infection or any other harmful viruses. As a way to avoid losing data and having relevant information about you stolen, you'll be offered to buy a full Security Sphere 2012 version and be able to activate it as well.

Internet surfing is also affected by the program. When your system has a Security Sphere 2012 infection, it will show you security alarms saying that the site you are going to visit has been virally affected and it may cause your system to crash. Several reasons will be cited such as: virus information discovered at this page trying to put its components, unknown and malicious processes in the network are analyzed, a virus attack is imminent, negative references gathered from other people concerning this webpage, your backdoor and system ports have been scrutinized by visited page designed for external system access. The same message will ask you to get hold of a "Security Sphere 2012" license to give your PC the protection it needs to safely browse web pages, launch scanning process on malware, virus and spyware or continue surfing. Acquiring "Security Sphere 2012" will be given as a favorable recommendation.

Since all these statements are not true, you should never pay attention to them. Upon discovering such malware on your system, you must dispose Security Sphere 2012 by all means. If you have already purchased this malware, please advise the concerned credit card provider and argue about the charges.

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