Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Are We Brainwashed Too Much to Change?

What do YOU want?

In the last 7 years I have never lost any data from my computer, my computer has never broken down and I've never ever used any anti-virus protection. And yes, I am online a lot, and yes I can visit any website I like whenever I like.

This is such a massive industry now with anti-virus sales alone going into the A£billions it would appear that we have no alternative but to have some sort of protection, or several types to combat a variety of intrusions which inevitably lead to mini problems or/and the eventual dreaded blue screen of death.

So scared are we and so brainwashed are we, that we have no alternative but to buy into some kind of protection. But guess what, still everyday thousands get infected and either lose their data or need to call out a pc repairman to get themselves back to square one.

What a ridiculous situation we are in here don't you think?

Wouldn't it be fantastic if someone came up with an answer?

For those that have some IT knowledge and experience they can get round certain situations albeit after spending a good few hours or longer searching IT forums or reading magazines for answers.

But quite often for the inexperienced home user, or less savvy IT expert, the simplest and easiest option is to just go out and buy a new computer! Really, this is so common. I have heard many times how someone had a problem and bought a new unit when their old unit is barely two to three years old!

Constantly the IT world rams it down our throat that to have no kind of anti-virus protection is just plain stupid and bordering on lunacy. Well, they would say that wouldn't they. Too many jobs are at stake here.

Well, guess what, there is an option now.

In 2005 I went to college and qualified as an MCP and I am also CCNA accredited. Many people have these accreditations so nothing out of the ordinary there but I did discover one or two things which have proved to be rather more beneficial.

If I said to you, I don't use any external hard drives or CD's to back up my data. If I said to you, I haven't spent one single minute of my time looking for an answer because I have a problem with my computer. If I said to you, I haven't spent a single penny to call out a pc repairman. If I said to you, all my data on my computer including sensitive and non-sensitive will never be lost and will never be vulnerable to a pc repairmen's prying eyes. And if I said to you, in 7 years I've never had any complicated anti-virus protection on my pc and I've never had a single problem (that's a lot of trouble free computing time). What would you think? Would you like to have the same peace of mind that I have?

How many of you can say the same as me with regard to the above?

Would you like a 'trouble free computer'?

Some so-called IT experts will advise that you need to download and install cleaners, malware protection, more than one virus protection. They say you need to update them, you need to constantly re-configure them and that basically you need a whole load of measures to protect your system from getting infected!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohhhh....... Myyyyyy...... Goddddd........... never before have I done anything of the kind..... not once.... never... zilch.... it's not happening... I don't need none of it.

Not one solitary piece of protective software do I have. My PC works fine, it's fast, it's uncomplicated and I use it for what it was designed for.

I store information on my hard drive. I surf the internet as much as I want.

That's it. That's what we want.... isn't it? With no complications?

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