Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ways to Remove Antivirus Soft

Antivirus soft is yet another in a long line of fake antivirus programs. It gets in to your system through Trojans and also through websites that they set up to trick you. The web site will perform a free scan of your system and while the results of the scan look really bad, it's the scanner itself that you must be afraid of. It will lie to you and tell you that you have all kinds of viruses and that the only way to get rid of these viruses is to download their program. Always be extra cautious when dealing with free antivirus software or free online virus scans in particular. Because while there are many legitimate and good free antivirus programs, many will just give you a false scan in the hopes that they will scare you into buying the full version of their product.

If you get infected with this virus you will not only get a fake scan result and security report, you will also get many pop-ups warning you of threats that don't really exist. It will keep trying to scare you into running the fake scan again so that it can dig itself in deeper. Do not fall for this. You must remove it as soon as possible. Antivirus soft often turns off your real antivirus software and your firewall in an attempt to make it harder for you to remove it from your system. Additionally it will change Internet Explorer's proxy settings so that it can re-direct you to the web sites it wants you to see. Many of the web sites that they re-direct you to will also be offering free antivirus scans so don't fall for it.

There are basically two different ways to approach getting rid of this virus, manual and automatic. In both cases it is recommended that you re-start your computer and boot in to safe mode with networking. This will allow you to make the necessary changes to the proxy in Internet Explorer. If you decide to do this manually you will first need to stop all processes that have anything to do with the virus. Then it is just a matter of going in to the registry and deleting all keys that are tied to the virus program. Then you have to remove all files and folders related to the antivirus soft virus. Be careful because one bad move when editing the registry can cause some huge problems for you. This should only be attempted by experienced and advanced users.

The preferred method for removing this is the automatic way. Pretty much all you do is download a program to remove spyware and run it. This program will automatically find and get rid of all traces of the virus program including all the affected registry keys. This is also good because the anti spyware software that you download to get rid of this problem, will help you in the future by preventing these problems before they start. So in short, when you see an ad for a free antivirus always research and make sure the product is legitimate and not another of these ever growing and changing virus programs.

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