Saturday, May 26, 2012

Making the Right Choice on Antivirus

What does it take for an antivirus program to be the one that you need?

Since 1983, viruses became widespread and the damage that they do had been increasing in severity. Viruses become more immune and undetectable by the current antivirus software. Many strains of a kind of virus are being released everyday and a all of these pose a potential threat to a computer system.

Now you're wondering how will you be able to get the utmost protection that you can get from an antivirus and from what brand name will it come from? The answer lies within the questions that we'll tackle in this article.

Question 1: "What do you want to be guarded against?"
There are a lot of potential threats out there and viruses are just one of them. There are worms, spywares and many more. For these, there is corresponding software that takes on each kind. There are also ones that take care of almost all of them at once. So you should know protection do you need. For frequent internet users, there are antiviruses that are especially designed to protect you on your whole stay in the web. There are also ones that are optimized for home or company network use. Choose which one is best for your computer setup.

Question 2: "Is it user friendly?"
Most computer users have limited knowledge of the computer that they use. Some don't know what button to click. Surely, there are ones who just click away all the links that are interesting. You must know the capability of the users in order to get the right antivirus program. The one that you'll need should have autonomous protection even without the supervision of a knowledgeable user. Also, the user interface should be easy to understand if not intuitive.

Question 3: "Does it update automatically?"
Virus develops several new strains everyday, thus you need to find an antivirus that updates itself automatically to make sure that your system is protected from the most recent threats.

Question 4: "How much disk space does it occupy?"
Sometimes, large sizes of files decrease the performance of your computer. Although this is not related to viruses, it surely helps to make your computer perform better. Decrease the lag time by choosing a lightweight yet effective antivirus program.

Question 5: "Does it offer continuous protection?"
This is the most important feature that you'd need to look at if you consider buying one instead of downloading a free version. Continuous protection does not only include regular updates but also optional upgrades. If you know that one day your antivirus will not be supported anymore, don't go for it.

Question 6: "Do they offer technical support?"
Leading antivirus companies offer this feature. Having a quick response for troubleshooting the software or simple questions about it would be beneficial for the user, especially if they are not computer persons.

These are the things that you should ask yourself when looking for or buying an antivirus program that will give you the best protection.

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