Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Tell If Your Computer Is Infected With Spyware

Do you suspect that your computer has spyware? Do you understand the symptoms of spyware infections? Spyware has the tendency to hide itself in the background, making it hard for the average person to figure out if their computer has spyware. There are spyware signs which can be easily detected if you know the right places where you should take a look. There is a myriad of signs you have to look out for although the three most common signs are hereby listed.

Symptom 1: Your computer is slow.

Oftentimes, spyware utilizes the resources in your computer. This means that spyware makes your computer do more things thus making it move slower. A computer moving so slow is a huge indicator that it's possibly infected with spyware.

Symptom 2: You see pop-ups and your browser redirects.

While looking for something on Google, you suddenly see a totally different search page comes up. At times, spyware wants to earn some money from the programmer. To be able to do that, it redirects your PC to a different page or it enters its own ads.

Moreover, spyware programs tend to bring out pop-up advertisements on your PC, even when you're not surfing the Internet. They can be really annoying because they tend to continuously pop-up in huge amounts.

Symptom 3: Your programs cease to work normally.

Another vital sign of having a spyware infected PC is when your programs start malfunctioning. A computer program may work normally in one day, then freeze in a random fashion or stop functioning all together. Spyware has the tendency to be "buggy." A spyware code isn't well constructed at all times, and such code can create a conflict in your daily normal operations. Furthermore, the number of programs which stop functioning will only get higher, so deal with it as quickly as possible. If you don't, sooner or later your OS will stop functioning.

What should I do?

What you need to do is to avail yourself of an anti-spyware/virus program. You have to be sure that it's updated and capable of scanning for any computer infections. It is highly recommended that you use several programs for scanning. These programs for anti-malware are not that perfect and they could miss a few issues when scanning. By using more than one program can help you solve the problem.

Furthermore, it is advised that scanning is done during a safe mode. You can access this mode by pressing the f8 key continuously when your computer is being turned on. This safe mode allows certain tasks of windows and programs to function while they are under safe mode. This makes it difficult for more annoying spyware infections that are actually hiding from scans or blocking you from accessing anti-virus programs.

If it's not possible to access the Internet on an infected computer, you can download the software and save the installers within a flash disk. Next, you have to boot with networking the infected PC under safe mode.

My PC is normal

No matter how much you think your PC is perfect, scan it just the same. There is a type of spyware which can totally hide its tracks and cause things to appear normally. Through scanning and the right antivirus software, you'll be able to remove these troublesome pests before they create any huge damage to you PC.

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