Thursday, May 3, 2012

Secure Your Business, Use Mail Encryption Software

If you rely on electronic mail for your business, make sure you have mail encryption software installed in your network. This program can protect all your business files. It features safe encoder system, which protects your email account from unauthorized users. This means you can send your messages through codes. For example, if you're the sender, the system translates your messages into certain codes. The receiver, in turn, will get the "code key," and use this to unlock or read your message.

These programs usually have anti spam service protecting recipients from unauthorized mails. Junk mails or irrelevant messages often come from individuals or companies endorsing a product or service. While most unsolicited messages are harmless, some may have viruses, bugs, and other threats. As you open this message, it can remove your database. This usually happens when your computer is connected to an open network. In most cases, you need to reformat your computer to remove the virus.

An infected computer or network can lead to major problems. At first, you may have experience slow connection. Your database may also slow down. If you don't have a back-up, you may lose all your files. Computer virus can easily affect your system and some antivirus programs are not enough to prevent this. Your safe bet is to look for programs with anti spam service. This system is very efficient when it comes to preventing potential threats. It also limits communications seen on inbox. Programs with these features can easily manage your files. You can make separate folders for your personal and business mails.

There are also programs that feature outbound filtering tools. These are very effective when it comes to filtering important information. One popular method for this is stripping attachments. When the system detects oversized or suspicious file attachments being sent out, you will receive a notification. This prevents large amount of information from getting out whether it includes images, documents, and videos.

Some programs can also send coded messages for non-intended recipients. This usually happens from bulk options. For example, if you send an important message to someone, you set a code to a particular receiver. The recipient may forward this message to someone else, but the second receiver may not open the file. The original sender needs to provide different codes for each receiver.

There are also other programs that prevent file printing. This is very important, especially for confidential documents. The receiver must ask permission from the sender to activate the print options. In this case, the recipient may only view the file. This is usually seen as PDF files.

These programs are very important so it is better to get one as early as possible. It's easy to find the best anti spam or mail encryption software for your system. You can search online and choose the best product. Read the requirement and make sure all your programs are updated. You can make your business more efficient by using simple programs like this. Read more product reviews if you want to know more about encryption software.

Mae O'Connell writes reviews about anti spam service and mail encryption software.

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