Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Secret of Online Security Protection

People these days are faced with a wide variety of choices when it comes to protection from viruses and other online threats. There are companies that have developed 100% free antivirus programs that offer basic protection, while some say they provide Internet security and protection from other threats like malware and spyware.

Choosing an antivirus software can be pretty daunting for most ordinary computer users. Many of them don't even know what kind of security they need and tend to get creative in choosing a program over another. Some people are thrown off by complicated software interface and end up settling with a user-friendly but ineffective free antivirus program. Some are fooled into thinking that the expensive programs are the most effective and end up paying too much for a software with features they don't even need.

Many security products allow people to subscribe to protection for a certain period of time. The danger here is that you end up renewing a subscription unknowingly and unwillingly, and shelling out money without intending to.

An antivirus company, for example, may require you to unsubscribe from their service one month before your current subscription expires. While they do send you a reminder of such a rule, they do so very discreetly that you end up ignoring it. Your credit card is then charged with a renewal of the subscription and you are forced to face a bill you are not prepared to pay.

Another problem with these antivirus programs is that their effectiveness in wiping out threats is simply on a decline. Some studies have shown that security software products are about half as effective now as they were the previous year and the percentage continues to decline the following year.

The explanation for this is that viruses and all forms of malware are simply more dangerous today than they were ever before. The people developing these viruses are getting smarter and are learning from their mistakes. Some threats are designed and disguised as simple ads online that fool even the most cautious of users. Other threats are created by well-funded professionals and are designed to bypass any security tool.

One product that can be a solution to your dilemma is using an online free antivirus scanner that has an unprecedented percentage in detecting suspicious files on your infected computer. There are tons of antivirus programs to choose from these days, but this Free Online Computer Virus Scanner is highly recommended.

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