Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Knowing How to Maintain Your Computer

We need to check our personal computer for maintenance at some point or another. Computer maintenance tasks can be performed by any novice user though most of the time it is best to let a professional handle them. Maintenance has to be done periodically. It can involve using simple tools on the computer like disk cleanup, defragmenter, and installing the best antivirus for protection against threats. Hardware maintenance, on the other hand, is a little complicated because it requires opening the CPU case. For example, a simple problem of dust build-up can wreak havoc on the unit if not checked early. It prevents proper ventilation, decreases the efficiency of operation and can even damage computer components permanently.

Companies that offer repair and maintenance calculate costs differently. Costs also depend on the specific needs of a unit. Some companies charge a service fee by the hour. Normally, the service fee is about $75 an hour and there is an additional charge for every fifteen minutes beyond that. Others collect a fixed amount of $100 regardless of the number of hours it takes to finish the repair or maintenance. There are also companies that try to lure potential customers by offering discounts.

Computer maintenance ranges from simple tasks of running disk clean-ups or installing updates on the best antivirus program to buying and installing software and component upgrades. Depending on the needs, a computer user may eventually decide to increase the unit's memory, add more hard disk space, replace an old video card or upgrade to the latest processor. These things usually take less than an hour or two and only require minimal fees if taken to a professional service.

Some computer repairs, on the other hand, can rack up charges of up to $300 depending on how serious the problem is. Extensive system upgrade sometimes requires re-installation of the unit's operating system. Performance complaints such as system crashes, network connectivity and problems with the peripherals (printers, audio, and video) often require professional help. If the computer has a severe virus infection, even the best antivirus program may not be enough and a complete reformat of the unit is needed. These problems can take from about an hour to half a day to be resolved. Computer repair and maintenance, however, should not be as expensive as it sounds. Save money by arming yourself with simple knowledge on troubleshooting. Visit this site to learn more.

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