Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Corporate IT and Employees Using Their Own Mobile Devices - The Risk Is Real

The other day, I was discussing the challenges of all the 1000s of mobile devices out there and how all of these devices were being used by employees to access their company's computer system. That's a scary proposition, and it's serious. Okay so, let's talk.

Not long ago, MIT Technology Review Blog had an interesting post about how IBM was dealing with all these devices, and they obviously cannot afford to be infiltrated, and regardless of the reality that IBM sees this at as an issue, which it is most definitely, it's not just the Fortune 100, 500, 1000, but all the suppliers, little companies, service vendors - lose lips sink ships right? So, what's the solution - dual IT systems, rapid virus scan checks, or perhaps some new strategy?

Is there another way to run a bare bones unconnected set of servers for basic personal tech device common uses, still with quick scan features prior to access (quick as in 10-20 seconds max) after any changes to the apps on the device - then more important data on a need-to-know basis for execs, while in secure locations, with special devices given out from the company with full security? I asked my acquaintance; "How does your company do this?" Obviously, my acquaintance is not a liberty to say, and even if he did, I probably wouldn't put it into an article here.

Still, is there a service or website which can scan a device or software of similar nature for companies? Is such a thing available on the Oracle or SAP platforms and enterprise software? This is serious business.

Is there a way to divert hackers into traps, and see what files they attempt to access, while trying to track them, then those trying to get in via the personal tech malware apps are caught or all their tricks are learned in the process, not that we don't know as so many have switched sides now, but the information flow is a war-time scenario all to its own - aka they design a new technique or weapon to get in, we build better defense, which they exploit, which we reinforce and so on, never ending game - but who is winning depends on what day it is.

Suffice it to say that most consumers are not very careful with their own computers, and these same folks have mobile devices with weak passwords, and often use open access WiFi systems, or unsecured lines to access company IT systems, so, well, "Ah, Houston, we have a problem." Until, this is fixed at all companies, no one is safe - not our companies, government, people, military, or infrastructure - our very way of life depends on solving these problems and meeting these challenges head on. Please consider all this and think on it.

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