Thursday, June 14, 2012

Runtime Errors Caused by Viruses

A runtime error happens when there is a problem during or after the execution of a program in a computer. A common cause of this kind of error is problem with the system registry. More often than not, a virus or any malicious file can cause a runtime error. It can also cause your computer to develop odd quirks or exhibit problems that weren't there before. A free antivirus software that offers basic protection can usually detect this kind of malicious infection.

It is quite easy for computers to be attacked by viruses despite the steps we take for protection. Even the most hard core computer users are open to viruses. Once connected to the Internet or to a network, your computer is vulnerable to attacks. Checking an email, browsing, and file-sharing can put your computer in danger.

A virus can affect a computer as soon as it is inside it. The worst kind of attack for many of us is one that can steal personal information. One such virus is known as the SubSeven. Fortunately, this kind of infection is associated with a specific warning, runtime error code 216.

It is important to recognize the signs of threats and infections on our computers. We can do the necessary steps right away to prevent further risks and damages. The hypinit32.exe virus, for example, can give a Runtime Error 21 and a few other symptoms. Your computer may freeze, may be able to access the internet, update and download programs.

A decent free antivirus can deal with this kind of problem. But there are runtime errors which are serious enough to require more attention. The extent of infection may also need a little more exertion from you. You may need to locate the specific malicious file and the worst case scenario may require you to reinstall the operating system.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of free antivirus software to choose from. Information on how to remove specific problems can also be found online.

Different security companies now offer free versions of the antivirus software they have. A free antivirus software may not have the extensive features that full version has, but it does provide basic protection. Companies like Trend Micro, AVG, Avira and Avast have decent free versions of their security software. It is only important to recognize the different signs that can tell you whether or not your machine is infected by a virus.

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