Friday, June 29, 2012

Live Security Platinum - One More Member of WinWebSec Family

Live Security Platinum is a fake antivirus program that has been noticed to infect more and more computer systems lately. For those who are not aware of it, this program is classified as a fake antivirus program that was designed by computer hackers in order to steal money from random computer users. The program belongs to WinWebSec family of rogues which is responsible for a bunch of fake anti viruses, such as Security Tool, Smart Fortress 2012 and others. Basically, it's a program that imitates actions of an antivirus and attempts to convince random computer users into purchasing it. This way computer hackers earn money.

Live Security Platinum uses a fake scanner, fake pop up messages and other security notifications in order to trick computer users into thinking that their systems are badly infected. The program runs its fake scanner with each system reboot. Once it finishes, the program generates a list of infections which is clearly falsified. Basically, the application will display files that do not exist at all or your legitimate files which are necessary for normal functioning of your system. Your system can be completely clear of infections but the scan results will claim the opposite.

What is more, Live Security Platinum does not allow running your executables. Instead it displays another notification warning that the program is infected and cannot be run. In order to fix that you will be offered to get a full version of a program. Basically, it will try to swindle your money away one more time. Since it becomes practically impossible to use any of the programs, many computer users do not find any other solution and they pay for this scam.

Other messages will warn that about spyware infections detected on your machine. Beware that as longs as the warning leads to an offer to purchase a license of Live Security Platinum. As you see, the creators of it are ready for everything.

Please do not fall for this trick of cyber criminals. You are strongly recommended to remove Live Security Platinum using a reputable antispyware program. Please make sure, you upgrade your security tools to their newest versions. New infections are created every single day, so it is crucial to have your security tools up to date. If you have paid for a license of Live Security Platinum already, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges as soon as you can. Do not give your money to computer hackers this easily.

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