Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Don't Fall Victim to Spyware

Computer users are pretty much familiar with a virus. However, only a small number knows what a spyware does. A spyware is a program that was designed to spy you and compromise your privacy. It's a different kind of threat, one that may not cause serious damage to the computer system but poses a different kind of danger. This malicious file can track the activities on your computer and can even duplicate important files from your computer. It can allow hackers to use important personal information such as credit and financial information. It is important to be protected from this kind of threat. You can check antivirus reviews to see which programs are bundled with spyware protection. Specific spyware protection programs are also available online.

So what can you do to not become a victim of spyware? First, you have to install an effective anti-spyware software and an anti-virus software. Security products today now bundle antivirus and anti-spyware programs. You can visit websites that has anti-spyware and antivirus reviews to compare products. But a stand alone anti-spyware product is the best choice since it is specifically designed to detect spyware.

Your choice of anti-spyware should always be updated. Hackers are also adapting and learning, and new threats are developed every minute. Only a software that's up to date can detect these new threats.

Second, you need to limit your internet browsing to safe websites. Sites that allow illegal downloads or contain porn have questionable security and might have suspicious files embedded in them that can affect your machine. While one glory of the Internet is the chance to view and download anything for free, sometimes it's not worth visiting dubious sites if the result is stolen identity or credit card fraud.

Third, it is essential to keep a backup of all important files on your computer. Viruses and spyware often corrupt files. Backing up your files and important documents may sound tedious but it helps a lot especially if the damage is extensive enough to require reinstallation of your operating system.

Spyware often sneaks into computers easily. You may not notice this kind of threat right away and may cause a lot of damage before you even recognize the infection. But knowing the right information and actions to take can protect you from this tricky infection. You need to choose the right program by going over some anti-spyware and antivirus reviews. You should know what websites to avoid. And most importantly, you should protect important files by backing them up.

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