Monday, June 18, 2012

Building a Logic Bomb Bypass System for Our Artificial Intelligent Infrastructure Systems

Over the last year, our think tank has been reviewing the Stuxnet computer worm. Indeed, we've also been reviewing this latest computer virus which is said to be gathering information throughout the Middle East, and running rampant on their computer systems. What happens when a similar computer virus or computer worm is able to infiltrate our infrastructure computer systems here the United States? Did we let the cat out of the bag, did someone else, and how on earth are we going to get that genie back in the bottle? Okay so, let's talk about this for second shall we?

And let's go ahead and spin this topic a bit, and talk about logic bombs, and other challenges that are artificial intelligence systems will have to deal with in the future. Perhaps, they may recognize when there is a problem, and reprogram themselves to bypass their instructions. If they hit a logic bomb, there may be a bypass system, and the artificial intelligent infrastructure computer software will begin to rewrite some of its code from scratch. Yes, to do this, it will have to be thinking machine, or advanced artificial intelligence, but much of the software running these complex systems for instance with our energy grid, or other major infrastructure systems - are using the state-of-the-art AI.

In the human mind there seems to be bypasses that allow for creativity rather than the information flowing down the leafy skeleton of the brain's neural pathways. Maybe such a system should borrow this trick from the organic natural intelligence that all human brains have to solve this problem - bypassing all the logic gates opening and closing due to a virus or computer worm which is set everything into a giant loop. Is it possible to outsmart such a complex computer worm?

With a little creativity, there is no problem that cannot be solved, and maybe the solution is so simple its right under our noses, but we haven't stepped back long enough to philosophically consider the rationale or potential strategies available to us. There is no reason the system cannot jump, skip, or bypass a problem area. If an insect eats part of a leaf, the leaf is still able to get nutrients around the problem area and survive, just as stroke victims are able to reprogram their brain to get to information by going a different way, or using different associations to access their memory.

Is it as simple as I am explain it? No, it's a complex problem, but all complexity starts from simplicity, so it is just a matter of starting out with the right fundamentals before attacking the problem, or becoming overwhelmed with the challenge that has presented itself. Perhaps, it's time to stop and think. Maybe everyone is looking in the wrong direction. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this.

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