Friday, July 6, 2012

A Crash Course in Using ComboFix

ComboFix is a malware detection and elimination program that can do manual and automatic scanning and removal of malware from a computer. Its user-determined options means that only expert software users who know how to resolve malware intrusions or those who are using the software with the help of a professional can use it effectively and safely. It is a free antivirus solution that must be used with caution.

How to get ComboFix

Before you decide on doing a malware fix in general, you must register in an Internet forum that helps users like you with the task. You will then have to post a new topic thread in your chosen forum for you to seek help in malware removal. Be advised that every forum has its own particular rules for you to follow, so you will need to keep this in mind when you post your message asking for help in using ComboFix. If a forum member offers to help you out by putting in a request for a log about ComboFix, you must follow these steps in making that log.

First of all, you will need to have this instructional article printed. Keep this printed-out copy handy because you will need to take down your Internet browser and any open applications before starting up the ComboFix free antimalware program. After you're done with this step, you can then download the ComboFix free antivirus software from either or You will be see a page that shows you the link for downloading ComboFix in these sites. After clicking on the link, you will be shown a "Save" interface that you must select. It then gives you the option of selecting what section of your hard drive would you like to have the free software downloaded to; make certain that you download it straight to the desktop of your Windows PC.

When this step is done, the ComboFix icon will appear on your PC desktop, but before you open it right away, you will have to shut down any active Windows program, Internet browser, and antimalware and firewall software that you are currently using. This will ensure that ComboFix will run smoothly and without any outside interference. Then proceed to install it on your computer by opening its icon in your PC desktop. Be careful not to click on any portion of the program window or do anything with your computer as this will cause ComboFix to slow down. It will take some time for the free antivirus program to run through this process, so you will need to wait it out.

If a Windows prompt window pops up, do not be alarmed; this is because ComboFix lacks its own digital footprint. You will only need to press the "Run" tab to carry on with the installation. If you have Windows Vista or Windows version 7 installed in your PC, you will see a User Account Control (UAC) prompt; simply select "Yes" to continue. Then the disclaimer appears and you might choose not to agree with it; this will terminate the program.

To complete the installation you will have to select "I Agree" in the disclaimer. Once the procedure is finished, a blue-colored screen will be shown and then the ComboFix program initiates its scan by establishing a System Restore point on its own; this will ensure that the computer will revert back to its original framework if anything untoward happens. At the same time, it will create a copy of your PC's Windows Registry and look if there is a Windows Recovery Console available. If there is one available, you will be shown another window with the "Yes" or "No" tabs; click the latter to continue with the process. If there is no Windows Recovery Console to be found, the program will advise you on the steps necessary to set up the Recovery Console. When this is done, you will be shown another "Yes" tab that you will need to press to let the installation continue. If during the setting up of the Recovery Console you see a window informing you that it did not install itself successfully, just let ComboFix go ahead with the rest of the installation process.

Steps to Take After Installation

Upon completing the installation, a log will be made and you will be directed to set up the Recovery Console by yourself by following the procedure that is listed in the Windows Recovery Console portion of the installation. ComboFix will then momentarily cut off your Internet connection. Do not be alarmed by this as the program will proceed to restore your connection in a couple of seconds. The antivirus solution will now conduct a formal and lengthy scan of your PC to look for any type of infection.

While it is doing this, it will momentarily alter your computer's clock; you need not be alarmed as ComboFix will bring back the clock to its former settings once it is done with the scan. It will also show a text box that shows the scan in more detail. After ComboFix has completed its scan, it will compile a log of the whole process. As with almost every part of the procedure, you will need to wait this out for a while; afterwards your desktop will flicker out momentarily and it will be replaced with a screen prompt that tells you that ComboFix is about to be done with the scan. It will then inform you that the log report or file of the whole process is at "C:\ComboFix.txt." ComboFix will then close down by itself and have the clock revert back to its initial time and then will display the contents of the log report.

You will need to put this log in the topic thread of the forum that you accessed to ask help in using ComboFix. The forum member who offered to help you out will then examine the log to determine the next step that you will need to do. If by any chance you are encountering issues with your Internet access after using ComboFix, you will need to bring it back by yourself.

There would be times that ComboFix has resolved your malware issues at the first try but it would be prudent if you send out the logged results of the scan in the topic thread for the forum member to look over; he can check to see if your PC has other issues that he can help you address. If you decide to uninstall ComboFix from your computer, do remember that in doing so you will eliminate any backup and quarantine files that ComboFix has generated during its scanning and cleaning session. Thus, uninstall ComboFix only if you are totally confident that your PC or laptop is restored to its original configurations.

By choosing ComboFix to help you deal with your computer's malware problems, you should be prepared for the rather lengthy and tedious process that accompanies its installation and use. Nevertheless, you can be sure that by using this free antivirus program, you can do a complete and detailed scan and malware removal of your computer if you carefully follow this guide.

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